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 Free Pattern : Valentine Heart Block

This block is modeled after traditional Swedish woven paper hearts. It's quick to make, just in time for Valentine's Day!

As always, this block can be any size you would like by adjusting the grid size. As we are working on a quick Valentine's Day project, we'll be making the block based on a 2" finished grid, giving us a 10" finished block.

Valentine Heart block

How do I make it?
Valentine Heart block Breaking down the block into it's elements, we see that we have a traditional 9-Patch in the lower right corner, a simple plain square in the upper left corner, plus the two "wings" of the heart.

Starting with the 9-patch, cut three 2.5" strips of red and three 2.5" strips of pink. Stitch together lengthwise into strip sets. Then segment the strip sets into 2.5" rows.


Now take your rows, and assemble into 9-patches as shown, and set aside.

Next, cut a 4.5" strip of your background fabric (we're using white in this example). Cut into 4.5" squares and set aside.

Now for those "wings". Cut 6.5" wide strips each of the red and pink fabrics. Segment your strips into 4.5x6.5" rectangles. Cut a 2.5" strip of background fabric, and segment into 2.5" squares.

Take a 4.5x6.5" rectangle of red and stitch two 2.5" squares on to the corners, right sides together , as shown:


Flip the corners back to the stitch line and press carefully. You may trim off the inside fabric if you wish.

Repeat the above step for the pink "wing".

Now we're ready to assemble the block. Make a row of a 4.5x4.5" background square and the pink wing. Stitch. Make a row of the red wing and the 9-patch. Stitch, and then stitch the rows together.

That's great - what can I do with the Valentine Heart quilt block?

For a quick wall hanging, put together four hearts with sashing, and add a colorful border:

Or take multiple hearts and put them on point:

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