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 Information On Quilting Techniques : Tips & Hints

One reason quilting has thrived over the ages is that techniques are passed on from one quilter to the next, and often times improved upon in the process. Quilters never reach a point of mastering everything. There is always a new approach to cutting, piecing, quilting and finishing that yields striking results.

Before creative, new techniques can arise, however, it is important to have a good foundation of the basics first. By understanding how things have been done in the past, quilters can either excel using traditional techniques or discover labor and time-saving alternatives, or tips to improve skills.

A few basic definitions are covered later on. For various detailed tips and hints, click a topic :

Cutting Technique

Once a design is created and necessary materials gathered the next step is cutting. In some cases, just a pair of scissors in needed, but in others, a rotary cutter is a better choice. Determining which cutting technique is best, and what tools are required depends entirely upon your block.

Piecing Techniques

Blocks can be assembled either by hand or machine. It is often a matter of personal preference. No matter which technique is used, the result should yield matching seams, crisp points and seam allowances that lay flat.

Quilting Techniques

As is the case with piecing, quilt stitching is also possible by hand or machine. With the proper tools and a well-executed technique, quilt stitches should be small and precise. The design and effect of your quilting should be noticed first, not the individual stitches.

Finishing Techniques

Proper finishing provides the best showcase for any quilt design. Whether the project is to be displayed on a wall or used on a bed, bindings should be even and lay flat.

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