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 Free Pattern : Spring Buttercup Block

It's spring, and flowers are blooming! Here's a lovely Buttercup for your spring quilting projects. We're making it with quick stitch-and-flip corners so you can have flowers blooming indoors in no time! Spring buttercup quilt block

How big is this quilt block?

This is based on a six by six grid. You can make it any size you would like by assigning a finished size to each unit of the grid.

For instance, if each unit of the grid is 2" finished, the block would measure 12" finished. If each unit of the grid is 1" finished, the block wouldmeasure 6" finished.

We're going to assign a finished size of 1.5" to each grid unit, so our finished block is going to be 8" square.

quilt block grid

How do I make it?

Let's look at the block breaking it into thirds, noting that each third contains two grid units.

Starting the flower We will be working on the block in sections, starting with the flower center. Cut one 3.5" strip of your background color, one 2" strip of background, and one 2" strip of the flower center color. Cut 2" segments from your 3.5" strip; you will need one for each flower block.

Stitch the 2" strips background and flower center together down the long edge, using a 1/4" seam. Press carefully. Segment the strip set into 2" units and stitch together, set aside.

Cut 3.5" squares and 3.5x6.5" rectangles from your flower fabric. You will need one of each for each flower block. Stitch the 3.5" squares to the flower centers, being careful to place the center color as shown. Stitch the center units to the rectangles of flower color, again being careful to position as shown. cut squares

block background Cut 3.5" squares of your background color. You will need two for each flower block. Stitch them diagonally across the corners as shown. Flip back the corners and press carefully. You may choose to trim the excess fabric or simply leave it.

Now let's work on the leaves. Cut two 3.5x6.5" rectangles and one 3.5" square for each flower block. Using the same stich-and-flip technique, add 3.5" squares of your leaf color to the ends of the rectangles. NOTE: You must add these in mirror image! Leaves

makes leaves Add the 3.5" background square to one of the leave units, and add both to the flower as shown.

How to use the block

For a quick wall hanging, set your flowers diagonally in rows:

wall hanging

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