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 Free Pattern : Scrappy Shamrock Block

Just in time for St. Patrick's Day, here's an easy-to-piece Scrappy Shamrock block. It's based on simple four patch squares with stitch-and-flip corners.

To make it even easier, we're using grosgrain ribbon for the stem -- you can also use a bias tape maker tool and create fabric stems.

St. Patrick's Day Shamrock quilt block

What size is it?

You can make this block any size you would like. Simply assign a size to each patch of the block. If you assigned 3" (finished) to each patch, the block would be 12x12" when completed. If you assign 2" (finished) to each patch, the block would be 8x8" when finished. For this example, we're going to make the quilt block 8x8".

How is it made?

Let's first break the block into quarters:
Shamrock block You can see that the "petals" of the shamrock are three identical blocks. Because this is a scrappy block, we're not going to strip piece this time. Gather up all of your green fabrics, and cut 2.5" squares -- for each shamrock block you make, you will need 12 squares. At the same time, cut one 3.5" green square and set aside.

Stitch your 2.5" squares into four patches, using a 1/4" seam allowance. Your four patches should measure 4.5" square: Squares

For each Scrappy Shamrock block, cut nine 1.5" squares and one 4.5" square of your background fabric. Set aside the 4.5" square for the moment.

Take the 1.5" squares and add to three contiguous corners by aligning the raw edges, right sides together, and stitching diagonally across the background square:

Add corners

Flip Square Flip background square back to stitching line and press carefully. Repeat for remaining two corners. Make three for each Scrappy Shamrock block you need. All corners

The stem unit is next. We used grosgrain ribbon for the stem ... lay the grosgrain across your 4.5" background square and stitch down the edges using a matching thread, being careful not to stretch the background square. Stem

Green over stem Lay your 3.5" square of green over the stem, align raw edges and stitch diagonally. Fold back and press carefully. Stem done

Assemble three petal units and one stem unit for form your Scrappy Shamrock block:

Shamrock block

Shamrock block

How can I use this St. Patrick's Day quilt block?

For a simple wall hanging, set your Scrappy Shamrock blocks diagonally, with simple sashing:

Wall Hanging

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