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Today's sewing machines are a vast improvement over those many of us grew up using. They are no longer designed to just meet basic sewing needs. Many resemble computers equipped with needle and thread, and provide functions most of us never imagined years ago.

Sewing machines are now designed with a full compliment of stitches to accommodate virtually any need. In addition to utility stitches, most are equipped with a variety of quilting and decorative stitches. Some models even boast of the "hand-like" appearance of their quilting stitches.

Manufacturers understand that specialty sewing, such as machine quilting, demands functionality and durability. They have made a concerted effort to design machines that accommodate these needs.

These product reviews can help you compare and make a selection :

Evaluate & Compare Sewing Machines

Machine quilting places very specific demands upon a sewing machine. Its motor must be powerful enough to withstand multiple layers of fabric and batting. The sewing bed should provide an ample work area. It should include features, such as a knee lift, that leave the hands free to guide the fabric.

It is not enough for a sewing machine to be capable of many stitches. Quilters need machines specifically designed to meet their needs and work in conjunction with a quilt frame.

When considering sewing machines, quilters must evaluate function and convenience; otherwise machine quilting becomes a wrestling match. A sewing machine designed for quilting includes adjustable stitch length, width and tension to enable it to tackle any project. Free motion sewing must be supported, and accessories, such as a quarter inch foot, should be designed with quilting in mind.

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