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 Free Quilt Patterns And Whole Projects

Every quilter can benefit from an expanded repertoire of quilt designs. Whether you are an old hand at original quilt design or seek inspiration in your projects, working from pre-made patterns is a good way to expand your horizons.

Enjoy these free quilt patterns to make your own quilt :

These quilt patterns are provided free of charge for personal use only. Commercial use, reproduction or publishing of any kind is strictly prohibited without prior written permission.

Quilt patterns provide a good starting point for learning a new skill. If your own projects have mainly focused on wall hangings or crib quilts, for example, using a pattern simplifies tackling a full-sized quilt for the first time. All the information quilters need to create a larger-sized project is provided.

Quilters are free to focus on sewing when working from ready-made quilt patterns. The yard calculations are often already done, the layout is established, and construction steps are provided.

What To Look For in a Quilt Pattern

A pattern is only helpful if it is easily understood. When choosing a pattern, consider whether all the information you need to create your own masterpiece is presented clearly.

The amount of information included is also important. If you prefer not to figure yardage and materials, for example, make sure this information is provided by any pattern you consider.

Finally, think about the quilt pattern's usability. It should include properly sized graphics to enable the creation of accurate templates for cutting or transferring a quilting design to fabric.

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