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 Product Review : Pfaff Grand Quilter Sewing Machine

The Grand Quilter is an ideal machine for the serious quilter, rather than the infrequent hobbyist. It is a semi-industrial machine designed for heavy, frequent home use. As the name implies, it is loaded with features useful for machine piecing and quilting.

In comparison to many machines on the market, the Grand Quilter offers a larger work area. The ample 9" x 6" work space is essential for sewing larger or bulky projects. There is enough space for fabric to run smoothly through the machine without bunching up. In addition, the Grand Quilter is equipped with a generously sized extension table. This additional space comes in handy during free-motion quilting, in particular.

In addition to convenience, the Grand Quilter provides a considerable amount of sewing power. It can deliver 1600 stitches per minute. The machine is designed to deliver more than speed, however. Regardless of fabric thickness, the Grand Quilter maintains consistent stitches throughout a project. Prolific quilters will find its performance very appealing.


- 1600 stitches per minute
- 9" x 6" work area
- large, removable extension table (18" x 24")
- perfectly adjusted stitches regardless of fabric thickness
- independent bobbin winding
- automatic threading
- quiet, vibration-free sewing
- hands-free reverse
- needle up/down
- electronic adjustable speed control
- knee lift

Pros :

The Grand Quilter is designed to work flawlessly with the Inspira Quilting Frame and Pfaff's optional Quilter's Cruise Control Stitch Regulator. (This is a stitch regulator for use with the Inspira frame and this machine only) It is not necessary to purchase the Inspira frame to use the machine, however. It operates on any sturdy table and can work with just about any quilting frame just as well.

The machine is equipped with two standard sewing feet, a straight stitch and free motion foot, but additional feet for specialty sewing are available. Optional feet include leather, silk, rolled hem, zipper, velvet and an even feed/walking foot quilters will find useful when stitching thick layers of fabric.

Several convenient design features are built into the Grand Quilter. The standard knee lift keeps your hands free while raising the presser foot. The reverse lever is amply sized and may be controlled with the elbow. Similarly, the thread cutter may also be operated with an elbow as it is located on the reverse lever. Each feature is included with the intent of keeping the quilter's hands free to control fabric.

Cons :

The Grand Quilter operates fairly quietly, but it may become noisy after extended use. This is typically a sign that it needs oiling. This machine is semi-industrial in design and requires regular oiling whether or not it is used frequently. During long stretches of sewing, the machine may require thorough oiling several times. When unused for a period, it is also wise to oil it before sewing as oil evaporates over time. The User's Manual indicates the machine's oiling locations, but pay specific attention to the hook area during routine oiling.

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