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 Product Review : New Little Gracie Quilting Frame

Coming from a long line of reliable, well-constructed frames, the New Little Gracie is an updated version of the original Little Gracie machine quilting frame. This particular model includes many of the features for which Grace is famous, including the Fabri-Fast rail system that holds layers of fabric securely.

It also sports convenient improvements quilters will greatly appreciate. The New Little Gracie is a light-weight, no-baste frame designed to provide professional results with most sewing machines.


The New Little Gracie features a generous work area and adjustable sizing to accommodate virtually any sized project. The design seems to be based upon providing as much convenience and flexibility as possible.

    - Front to back minimum depth - 27"
    - Front to back maximum depth - 43" (standard), 68" (crib), 102" (queen)
    - Work area - 64" (crib), 98" (queen)
    - Height : 29" above floor
    - Table top width - 20"
    - 5-year limited warranty against breakage or warping
    - Fabri-Fast aluminum rails and Fabri-Fast tool for efficient fabric control
    - Fits machines with up to 14" of throat space
    - Fits machines with a neck depth of 5" or deeper
    - Fourth rail keeps batting keeping up off the floor and away from the work area
    - Carriage weight capacity runs between 40 and 50 lbs

Pros :

The equipment for adapting to both crib and queen size quilting is included with the New Little Gracie. This is a nice bonus as many frames lack such flexibility. In addition to convenience, quilters preferring to work on a variety of project sizes will appreciate the absence of additional expenses associated with using this frame for any project.

The improved design of the New Little Gracie works well with either home or industrial sized sewing machines. The only restriction is that the machines must require no more than 14" throat space. Regardless of the sewing machine, this frame enables quilters to achieve professional results by providing consistent tension, independent feeding of fabric layers, and adjustable settings.

A notable feature of this model are Grace's Fabri-Fast rails. Quilters with any experience on a Grace frame can attest to their convenience and effectiveness. The rails on the frame are slotted to simplify installing fabric securely. There is no need for tape or basting to hold quilt layers evenly while you work. In addition, the Fabri-Fast tool included with the New Little Gracie makes loading fabric a fast task.

This frame is available with three or four rails. No matter which model is selected, the New Little Gracie is a no-baste system, however the fourth rail provides the convenience of additional batting control. It contains the batting, preventing it from spilling onto the floor or interfering with the smooth operation of machine quilting. This can be a significant benefit when working on larger Queen-sized projects. There is an understandable difference in price between the three and four-rail systems.

The New Little Gracie does require assembly. The instructions, however are clearly written and easy to follow. As long as you have the time and some tools, the procedure for putting together the frame is pretty clear-cut.

Cons :

This is a high-end machine quilting frame which is priced accordingly. Depending upon whether a three or four-rail system is purchased, expect to pay around $600-$650 for this frame. While the quality and features of the New Little Gracie certainly warrant such a price tag, this is an investment that may exceed the budget of some quilters.

This is a good-sized frame requiring roughly six hours to assemble. Constructing the frame may be too large a project to do alone, especially for those with vision or hand-strength issues. An extra pair of hands, or two, is probably a good idea for anyone purchasing this frame.

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