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 Free Pattern : Mock Trip Around the World Block

Mock Trip Around the World
Here's a simple nine-patch block, re-colored to make a mock Trip Around the World quilt. Any block with a diagonal line -- in this case created with color -- can be versitile and exciting.

Nine Patch Block

How big is it?
This block any size you would like by simply assigning a size to each patch of the block. For instance, if you assign 2" (finished) to each patch, the block would be 6x6" finished. If you assign 3" (finished) to each patch, the block would be 9x9" finished.

How do I make it?

Mock Trip is a 9-patch block, made with strip sets. You'll need one strip set for each row. We're going to make our block on a 2" finished grid, so we'll cut 2.5" strips of fabric on the crosswise grain, and stitch them together as shown:


Then cut these strips crosswise into rows. Your rows are cut the same width as your strips; if your strips are 2-1/2" wide, your rows are also 2-1/2". Your rows will look like this:

Sew your rows together into blocks, still using a 1/4" seam allowance:

At this point, your block should measure 6-1/2 x 6-1/2" because you still have a seam allowance around the outside.

Great - now that I've got it, what do I do with it?
This simple block can be arranged many ways ... because of the diagonal line, it's great fun to play with. Here's our mock Trip Around the World arrangement:

Here's "Many Trips Around the World":

More to think about ... any quilt setting that takes advantage of a diagonal line can be used for this simple block. Here's a Streak of Lightning set:

This set was laid out as four 8-point stars -- look carefully, you'll see them! This design leaves lots of nice open space to show off your quilting.

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