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 Free Quilt Pattern : Log Cabin Traditions 2

Using the Courthouse Steps Pattern. Wall Hanging, Finished Size 42" x 25"

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Caution: Read this pattern all the way through before starting, so you have a good picture of the finished project!

Choosing fabrics

Choosing fabric is one of the best parts in making a quilt - so much fabric, so many ideas! So where do you start?

This pattern works on a number of levels, and choosing the fabric for it should be fun. One of the best places to start is looking for a fabric that you love - preferably something with an intricate design that isn't too obvious. This will be a background fabric to your blocks, and yet it will give the overall color cast to the quilt. A fine design print with several colors will allow to to develop some very interesting "step" blocks. The background in the picture is a finely marbled pink/purple fabric, with subtle movement.

The "design" part of the blocks should use a small print with lots of detail and a variety of colors. Anything too large in print will not work well with the size of the blocks. A detailed design will show in the individual logs, and lots of colors will allow you to add a variety of different settings to the squares. Dark solids make up the "column effect" of the blocks, and a different white print fabric add some extra interest in the blocks.

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