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 Quilting Light & Lamp Reviews : Benefits of a good quilting light

Quilting places very specific demands upon the eyes. It is detailed work that, over time, can cause eyestrain and discomfort.

Proper lighting, however, makes a huge difference. The correct lighting clarifies fine details, such as intricate stitches, and simplifies accurate color matching. By providing a better environment in which the eyes can function, these specialty lights reduce or eliminate eyestrain all together.

A properly lit work environment provides more than eye comfort. A good quilting light can improve the quality of your handiwork. It also enables quilters to work for longer periods, completing projects sooner.

These quilting lamp & light reviews can help you make a smart purchase :

What to look for when you compare quilting lights

Not all lights are created equal. Common household lighting contains more yellow light than natural outdoor lighting. The excess of yellow distorts the appearance of color and detail, leading to eye fatigue.

Quilting lights, on the other hand, seek to more closely mimic natural lighting. Outdoor lighting contains a wider range of the color spectrum. As a result, the light is white rather than yellowish. White light allows the human eye to see true colors and fine detail more easily. The eye can focus on objects over longer periods of time without discomfort.

When you compare quilting lights, before considering any other features, first confirm the presence of white light. Lighting manufacturers use a variety of technologies to create a source of white light, and choosing between them is a matter of personal preference. As long as a light source generates "natural light", "white light" or "outdoor lighting", quilters can be assured of the best environment for their eyes.

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