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 Product Review : Janome Jem Platinum 760 Sewing Machine

This best-selling compact sewing machine has been updated with useful features one would expect only from a full sized sewing machine. Whether you seek a portable machine or durable main machine for quilting, the Jem Platinum 760 is worth consideration.

Weighing less then 12 pounds, the Jem 760 is extremely portable. Despite its compact size, this model is fairly powerful, tackling a quilt's layers of fabric and batting with ease. In some ways, it does have the feel of a full sized machine. The arm length and height do not differ greatly from full sized model, although the remainder of the design is more compact.

The Jem 760 features a number useful features. It now includes a computerized digital display. This bright LED displays stitch selections plus length and width adjustments.

The Jem 760 is equipped with sixty built-in stitches. While many compact machines count each stitch length as a unique stitch, this is not the case with the Jem 760. The 60 unique stitches possible on this machine can be controlled in terms of stitch length, width, needle position and tension setting too. The stitch selection ranges from utility to decorative in nature. There is a nice choice of machine appliqué stitches in different sizes, including satin stitch, feather stitch and blanket stitch. Heirloom stitches and a hand-look machine quilt stitch are also available.

Quilters will be happy to know that tying is easy with the Jem 760, also. Simply select a stitch motif, and press the tie-off button. One pattern is sewn and locked at a time. Reposition the quilt and repeat to complete the process. This is much faster and more attractive than tying by hand.


The Jem 760 has been updated to provide a number of useful features :

Needle Up/Down Button : Seams may be automatically ended with the needle in the up or down position. This is both a time saver and ideal for pivoting.
Reverse Stitch Lever : A simple press of the button quickly reverses the direction of stitching.
Concealed Tension Dial : Convenient positioning allows easy adjustment and threading.
Start/Stop Button : This button enables sewing without a foot control. In the longer seams common in quilting, this is particularly convenient.
Drop Feed Lever : This features is very handy for quilting or any sewing where feed dogs are unnecessary.
Lock Stitch Function : Stitches can be automatically locked off at the end of a seam. This is particularly helpful for repetitive seams, decorative stitches and saving time.
Hard Cover : The protective case is perfect for portability or storage when the machine is not in use.

The Jem 760 is equipped with a number of standard accessories too:
- Satin Stitch Foot
- Automatic Buttonhole Foot
- Zigzag Foot A
- Set of Needles
- Bobbins (3)
- Screwdriver
- Seam Ripper
- Spool Holder
- Spool Pin
- Additional Spool Pin
- Felt
Pros :

This compact sewing machine is extremely portable, yet includes the features and power of a full sized machine. In fact, its stitch functionality outshines many compact and rivals many full sized models. For the price of a compact machine, this is a great value.

Cons :

The Jem 760 is equipped with a zigzag and buttonhole foot. Additional feet range between $15 and $30 each. A 1/4 inch foot for piecing and the darning foot, essential for machine quilting will run an additional $40 to the machine's cost.

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