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 Product Review : Hinterberg Easy Build Machine Quilt Frame

Selecting a "do-it-yourself" kit can be an economical alternative to a pre-fabricated machine quilt. Even if you are not mechanically-inclined, there are self-build kits available which may be constructed with some ease.

The Hinterberg Easy Build frame is a complete system, requiring no table. All required materials and hardware are included with the exception of five rods and rollers. The manufacturer recommends purchasing 5 lengths of 1.25" metal electrical conduit from any home supply store for this purpose. This is a more economical solution than shipping rods of a heavier material along with the frame kit. Hinterberg suggests 10" lengths for the frame, but the best length is dependant upon the size of your quilting work area as well as your project size. 10" lengths will nicely accommodate full king-sized quilts.

If 10" lengths are used, the frame occupies close to the same amount of space as a large couch. The frame does not have to be a permanent structure in your room, however. Disassembly is not a major task, taking just about 15 minutes or so. Once disassembled, the frame may be conveniently stored.


- end tensioning system included.
- carriage-mounted handles for use from either end of the sewing machine
- practical stylus design
- optional hand speed control.
- pointer package includes a needle and laser pointer
- provides a maximum 1,140 square inches quilting area
- adjustable roller height of 32" to 35"
- frame measures 28" deep from front to rear, 38" with front roller up
- frame can reach a maximum of 10' wide
- five year warranty against manufacturers defects
- cabinet-grade high quality plywood complete with an attractive veneer.
- machine carriage features high-quality, sealed, precision bearings for fluid movement

Pros :

The process of assembling the Hinterberg Easy Build is fairly straightforward. The instruction guide is well written and provides adequate detail to complete the job. There are a few complex assemblies involved, and some time is required for completion, but the task is manageable.

Once assembled, this frame provides a very comfortable work space. The frame is designed so that after loading a quilting project, the front rail drops down to allow easy access to quilt from a seated position. Since it is possible to work so closely to the frame, there is less cause for back pain or muscle fatigue.

The optional hand speed control is worth consideration. It works well and allows quilting as quickly or slowly as desired. This accommodates both individual quilting style and project complexity nicely. If the hand control is not something you need, the foot pedal also works well. It is much easier to use from a seated position rather than standing, however.

The Hinterberg Easy Build Frame also provides consistent tension; very important for attractive results. In fact, adjusting the tension is rarely necessary. The frame's quality design is very practical for this reason.

Considering the design, quality of material used, and the frame's performance, the Hinterberg Easy Build is priced attractively in comparison to other models. The frame is a sound investment for any serious quilter, and a more economical alternative to pre-assembled frames.

Cons :

There is much to admire about this frame, but there are also a few minor drawback. The frame kit does not include rods and rollers. Overall, it is less expensive to purchase these materials locally, but the additional purchase is an inconvenience.

While assembling this frame certainly is more straightforward than other models, it may require a second pair of hands as some parts are heavy or cumbersome.

It may take some time for quilters to become familiar with the frame's rhythm. As is the case with many machine quilting frames, the sewing machine moves a bit more easily from front to back than from side to side This becomes less of an issue over time, however.

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