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 Product Review : Heartland Floor Frame

This hand crafted frame's design is mindful of a quilter's needs. It is easy to use and store, takes up a minimum of space and provides beautiful results. The frame occupies 45" x 26" of floor space and provides a 31" x 22" work area. It sits 32" from the floor, is lightweight and portable. The design is ergonomically correct, reducing strain on the back, neck and shoulders; a particularly important feature for prolific quilters.

The frame stands on the floor, but works like a hoop. The design makes use of nested frames, so that, like a hoop, the quilt rests between the two frames. The construction is such that that loading a quilt into the frame is even easier than some hoops. The slanted sides of the frame hold quilts securely, so there is no need to adjust tension at all. Projects are held firmly enough that there is no buckling of fabric, but the tension is not so high that it impedes comfortable stitching or stretches the fabric.

The frame handles border stitching easily. The included instructions recommend loading three sides of the quilt into the frame leaving the remnant stretched across the frame's open center without support. Quilters will find this a very a comfortable work environment that produces good results.

The Heartland Frame works well on unbasted projects. The quilt must be laid out as a "sandwich" before loading onto the frame. First spread out the backing on a flat surface to smooth away any wrinkles. Top this layer with batting, again, smoothing out the layer. Finally, lay the quilt top over these layers, smoothing it and confirming it fits evenly over the batting and backing. To load onto the frame following the supplied folding instructions, place the quilt on the bottom frame's center, unfold the layers, and secure the top frame in place. Quilters will appreciate the convenience of this time and labor-saving feature.

Conversely, those who prefer to machine quilt will enjoy using the Heartland frame as a basting frame.


- Handcrafted from solid oak
- Available in a hand-rubbed natural finish or unfinished
- Comes fully assembled with complete instructions
- Two-piece construction with permanently attached hinged legs
- 30-day full money back guarantee
- Frame weighs 15 pounds

Pros :

The frame's design is extremely convenient. It takes up no more space than a small table, yet is roomy enough for two quilters to work. This can be very helpful for those with limited space. Because it is so light, it can easily be moved from one spot to another, too. One would assume this frame could only be used on certain projects because of its size. This is not the case. In fact, the Heartland Floor Frame can accommodate quilts of any size making it unnecessary to own one frame for full size quilts and another for smaller work.

Assembly and disassembly is simple enough for one person to handle. The frame is rather compact when folded up, fitting into its four inch deep storage box with ease.

Basic use of the frame is also very simple. There are no rails or thumbscrews to adjust. Quilters with hand-strength or arthritis concerns will greatly appreciate this aspect of the frame's design.

Those with space limitations or multiple ongoing projects will appreciate that quilts do not have to stay in the frame until completion. It is possible to load and unload at your convenience.

Cons :

This frame's height is not adjustable. Quilters may need to experiment with chairs to find the most comfortable work configuration.

The frame's top does not rotate, so your quilting style may need to be adjusted. This is typically a matter of finding what method works best for you.

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