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Choosing the right quilting frame is an important decision. Your choice affects the quality of your stitching, your quilt's overall appearance and your comfort while working.

Frames are available in a variety of styles and sizes. Some are designed for machine or hand quilting, while others, such as a hoop, are designed to accommodate specifically sized projects. Unless you do only one form or one size quilting projects, you'll typically need more than one frame, if not a frame that adjusts for multiple uses.

These quilting frame reviews can help you compare frames and find the right one for you:

Physical needs and work style should also be considered when you compare frames. Adjustability and ease of use are the primary concerns here. Whether or not a frame comfortably adjusts from one height to another, loads fabric easily or holds a project securely enough to accommodate your stitching style make a huge difference.

There is something else to keep in mind while selecting a quilt frame. The size of your work area must be considered, and whether or not you can leave the frame assembled for extended periods. A full-sized machine-quilting frame that does not store easily, for example, is not the best choice for quilters with limited space.

Remember, the purpose of a frame is to provide the best possible conditions to quilt. A frame should be comfortable to use, providing easy access to your work area. It should supply just enough tension so that layers of fabric and batting remain in place while you stitch.

Frames are not always a one-size-fits-all purchase. A frame perfect for one quilter's needs may not work for another. Whenever possible, it is wise to look over a frame before purchase. Test the ease with which it is adjusted, how snuggly it holds fabric, or how well it accommodates your quilting posture. Checking features and usability provides the best indication how well a frame will work for you.

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