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 Free Tool To Estimate Quilt Fabric Requirements

Not sure how many yards of fabric you need for your quilting project?

Use this calculator to find the answer. Simply enter some values for each patch you will be using and get an accurate yardage estimate. A quick and easy way to find the fabric usage when constructing quilt blocks.

Calculate Fabric Requirement
Measured size inches
Complete the next line for rectangles only
Measured size 2 inches
Fabric width inches
Number of patches
Patch shape

Measured size

Enter whole inches in the first box and partial inches in the next. For example, your measured size is 2 inches. Enter two in the 1st box, leave the next one blank. Or, for a size of 2 3/4", enter 2 in the first box, enter 3 in the next box and select "1/4" from the drop-down. Correct input is crucial to accurate fabric yardage calculations.

See the graphics below to determine the area to measure to obtain this value. Do not include the seam allowance, the 1/4" seam allowance used by quilters is automatically included by the calculator.

For odd shaped patches, determine how many such patches you can fit into a square.

Divide the total "Number of patches" (see below) by how many can be fit into a square. If that number is not a whole number, round it up to the next highest number. Example layout :

Fabric width

Simply enter the width of the quilting fabric in this box. This free online estimator tool will automatically deduct two inches from the usable fabric area to take into account fabric variability and trimming of the selvedges.

Number of patches

Enter the number of patches (same size, fabric, color) you wish to estimate fabric requirement for. This is the total number of patches for all your quilt blocks required for your quilting project.

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