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Years ago quilters made do with fabric scraps, needle, thread, a frame and patterns handed down from one generation to the next. Today's quilters have a huge selection of supplies that save time, reduce labor or provide a more comfortable work space.

Which tools you need is often a matter of quilting style, physical needs and your quilt design. No matter the need, the best equipment allows quilters to work quickly, comfortably and achieve the desired results.

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When evaluating equipment, there is more to consider than construction. Adjustability, ease of use, durability and how well the item meets your needs should be considered.

Basic Equipment

Not every quilter needs or uses exactly the same equipment. There are some basics, however, that are indispensable. A good collection of threads and needles for hand or machine quilting is a must, as is a sturdy frame that secures fabric evenly.

Time Saving Equipment

Supplies and tools that save time or labor are often a matter of personal preference. A rotary cutter and a cutting mat, for example, decreases preparation time, allowing quilters to start sewing sooner. Machine quilting enthusiasts would consider their sewing machines a basic necessity, but in any case these machines speed the process of piecing and quilting considerably.

Comfort-based Equipment

While it is a given that quilting can be labor intensive, it does not have to be uncomfortable. There is a wide range of items available including specialized lighting, magnifiers and adjustable frames that reduce eye and back strain while creating a quilt. It is relatively easy to find the right tools to fit your needs.

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