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 Product Review : Brother CS-8072 Sewing Machine

The Brother CS-8072 is a solid, economically priced computerized sewing machine. Its functionality and performance are well suited for the needs of intermediate sewers, or those previously unfamiliar with computerized machines.

The CS-8072 is a well-built, weighted machine. As a result, it withstands particularly long seams or rapid sewing without bouncing around, and delivers evenly produced stitches.

While stitch selection is controlled via a handy touch panel, the machine is equipped with sliders to control stitch length and width. A slider is also provided to set maximum stitching speed. This prevents sewing mishaps should your foot slip on the pedal. The only drawback to the sliders is that they are less precise than a digital control.

This machine is equipped with handy conveniences that save time. The automatic self threader works quite easily, for example. The machine's design provides conveniently located thread cutters as well.


- 40 built-in utility, decorative and heirloom stitches
- 72 stitch functions
- stitches controlled via touch panel
- automatic threading
- automatic bobbin winding
- drop feed dogs for free motion quilting
- programmable needle down position
- electronic speed limit control
- top, drop-in bobbin
- standard assortment of accessories
- width 18.9 inches
- height 15.2 inches
- depth 9.8 inches

Pros :

This machine is a good choice for a first computerized sewing machine. It provides a good range of functionality, without being overwhelming. It features solid construction as well as reliable overall performance.

The CS-8072 includes a few features useful for quilting. A quilting guide is included as part of the machine's standard equipment. It also includes drop feed dogs for free motion quilting, allowing the creation of free-form or traditional quilt patterns. The machine provides a programmable needle down position that comes in handy when repositioning a quilt, as well as quilt stitches useful for joining blocks.

The manufacturer backs this machine with a solid warranty. Mechanical issues are covered for 25 years. Electrical function is warranted for 5 years, and 90 days coverage is provided for service and labor on material and workmanship defects. Should additional coverage be desired, an extended warranty is available within the US.

Cons :

There are a few issues with the bobbin to consider. The CS-8072 is equipped with three bobbins. Should replacements become necessary, however, only Brother bobbins work properly in this machine. Other brands have a tendency to tangle quite easily. If replacements are necessary, either the manufacturer or a Brother supplier must be contacted. In addition, some have found that the bobbins run out faster than they would like.

The sliding stitch and needle controls can prove inconsistent in their performance. Because they are not digitally-based, performance is less accurately controlled. This becomes most bothersome during lengthy sewing projects.

The CS-8072's stitching functionality lacks a stitch memory. As a result, the machine automatically returns to default settings upon powering up and whenever a stitch is changed. This is very inconvenient if the machine must be powered down in the middle of a project or if an alternate stitch is temporarily needed along with a frequently used stitch configuration. In each case, the stitch length, width and needle position must be re-set.

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