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 Free Border Patterns

A well-chosen border sets off a quilt design dramatically. Borders can be used to compliment a quilt's layout, mirror a design theme, or attract attention in their own right.

Border patterns make it easier for quilters to incorporate unique stitched designs into their project. Quilters do not have to re-use the same border for every project. Block patterns provide unlimited possibilities.

Use these free border patterns to create your own masterpiece :

These border patterns are provided free of charge for personal use only. Commercial use, reproduction or publishing of any kind without prior written permission is strictly prohibited.

With such a wide selection of borders, quilters can experiment and create freely. Multiple border patterns can be used within one quilt to emphasize a theme, for example. These patterns can even be used as inspiration by any quilter to create their own borders.

Selecting a Border Pattern

While there are a number of border patterns available, how well any one fits your project makes a difference. Let the style, layout and color scheme of your quilt design guide your choice of border. A medallion quilt in gentle pastels would be better complimented by a subtle, rounded border pattern than an angular, abstract design, for instance.

Your stitching skills should match your border pattern too. For the best results, make sure your machine or hand-quilting ability matches the border's intricacies.

Template-ready border patterns are the most convenient from which to work. Some patterns may need to be expanded via graphic software or re-drawn by hand. While this is not impossible, it can be inconvenient and less accurate. Look for patterns that may be copied as-is for greatest convenience.

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