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 Free Pattern : Bluebirds Block

Spring time means bluebirds in much of the United States. Here's an easy-to-piece bluebird block that looks much more complicated than it actually is! Bluebirds quilt block

How big is this quilt block?

Our bluebird is based on a 5 by 5 grid. We can make it any size by assigning a measurement to each grid unit.

If we made each grid unit 2" finished, the bluebird block would be 10" finished. We're going to make each grid unit 1.5" finished, so this block will be 7.5" finished.

quilt block grid

How do I make it?

We'll be breaking the block down in to seven piecing units as shown. Then we'll combine the piecing units to complete the block.

Starting the bird Starting with the left two units, cut one 2x3.5 rectangle and one 2x5" rectangle of your background. Cut one 2" square of the beak color. Using the stitch and flip method, place the square of beak over one end of the 2x3.5" rectangle. Stitch across diagonally, flip back and press carefully. You may choose to leave in the excess fabric or trim it away.

Add the beak unit to your 2x3.5" rectangle, positioning the beak fabric as shown. Make one of these units for each Bluebird block. Add the beak

block background Next cut two 2x3.5" rectangles of background, two 2" squares of background, and one 3.5x5" rectangle of your bird fabric. Use your 2" squares to make stitch-and-flip triangles using the method shown above. Add the 2x3.5" rectangles as shown. You will need one unit for each Bluebird block.

Last is the wings and tail. Cut one 3.5x5" rectangle and one 3.5" square of bird fabric, and three 2" squares and one 3.5" square of your background. Using the stitch-and-flip method shown above, create the wing and tail units shown. Stitch together. Wing and tail

Almost done Stitch the units together in the order shown. You're done!

How to use the block

You can make a great wallhanging using your Blubirds in rows, and using the Buttercup Blocks to add interest:

wall hanging

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