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Working from patterns is a convenient way to expand quilting skills. Some may feel there is little room for creativity when working with quilt patterns, however. With the exception of fabric choice and construction, the bulk of the work is already completed.

Block patterns provide a compromise to this dilemma. Quilters are free to combine blocks in any manner to make their own unique, personalized designs. This flexibility ensures you do not create quilts with a cookie-cutter appearance.

Enjoy these free quilt block patterns and visit us again as more are added each month :

These block patterns are provided free of any charge for your own, personal, use only. Commercial use, reproduction or publishing of any kind without prior written permission is strictly prohibited.

Block patterns can also freshen up a quilt design. Introducing a new block style into an uninspired quilt design can change it's appearance and feel dramatically. Block patterns can be very effective springboards for your own creativity.

Selecting a Block Pattern

It is important to match blocks with what you wish to create. If your quilt design needs something edgy to set off the modern fabrics you've selected, a more contemporary design would be preferable to a traditional Nine-Patch block, for example.

Patterns should either closely or exactly match your quilting expertise. While working from a block pattern will improve your technique, it is important to master the basics first. Novice quilters may get better results starting with a Log Cabin block than an intricate appliqué design, for instance.

Finally, consider the pattern's usability. Properly sized graphics from which quilters can make templates are a must. Unless you don't mind re-drawing a block by hand in the desired dimension, select a pattern that is template-ready.

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