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It started out of necessity and frugality; women gathered fabric remnants and re-used them to create objects of warmth. Though they were made to serve a function, these quilts recorded a lifestyle and family history. From simple patchwork designs to artful appliqué blocks, each quilt carries a rich story of our past.

Quilting has evolved beyond practicality as an expression of artistry and skill. Today's quilters have a wealth of options, drawing from techniques of the past as well as modern day labor saving devices. To enable quilters make the most of their projects, we've assembled a wide range of resources, helpful hints, and tips.

Free Patterns

Quilters of yesteryear passed patterns from one generation to the next. Cherished designs were shared between mothers and daughters and between friends. It's a tradition that has allowed quilting to flourish.

We think it is also an important tradition to continue. Whether your creative juices need a jump start, or you'd like to try something new, our collection of patterns is sure to spark some memorable quilting projects.

Take advantage of our free border pattern collection to add visual impact to one of your existing quilt designs.

If you need something new to base a project upon, look over our free block patterns. Each pattern includes colorful diagrams as well as easy, step-by-step assembly instructions for quilters of any skill level.

Patterns for entire projects are available as well. Each quilt pattern includes everything you need from material requirements to detailed assembly instructions. Add your own style to create a one of a kind design.


In addition to artistry, quilting projects involves some math. Before picking up your cutter, make sure you have the right amount of fabric with our fabric calculator. Take the guesswork out of even the most intricate designs.

Product Reviews

There is an incredible amount of products available for quilters. Finding what really works and what you actually need may sometimes feel overwhelming. Use this quilting resource site to help you find the right supplies.

We've taken the guesswork out of finding the best sewing machines, lighting, frames, software and books. From features to performance, our reviews let you know what to expect from those quilting products.

Quilting Hints & Tips

The beauty of quilting is that there is always more to know. Quilters of all backgrounds can learn new methods or improve existing skills with information in our techniques section. Use the tips and hints you can find here to apply something new to your own projects today.

Before taking thread to fabric, you need the right quilting equipment. Whether you're unsure what notions are a must or how to choose the best sewing machine, the informational articles on this web site can help you.

Understanding the traditions and styles of quilting is the basis for better and more innovative quilting designs. Whether you are a seasoned quilter or getting started, the quilt types info can help you appreciate this art form.

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